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Emily and Alex’s Parque at Ridley Creek wedding was definitely a highlight of the season as we clung to the last bit of summer. Right on the cusp of fall, Ridley Creek State Park was absolutely humming with September magic. Let me tell you a little something state park weddings y’all: they are incredible wedding venues. If you’ve never visited our local state parks, do that. Immediately. One breath of that fresh forrest air and you won’t need to read the rest of this blog post. You’ll already know exactly what I’m talking about.

Why a State Park Wedding?

Hidden gems like Ridley Creek State Park, which is tucked back in the crook of Newtown Square, offer beautiful backdrops where weddings and nature can coexist. Honestly, I can’t think of anything sweeter than saying “I do” under a canopy of leaves, dappled sunshine doting on all of your loved ones, and the quiet buzz of a creek rushing just a few yards away. Pennsylvania state parks have a lot to offer, and Peachtree Catering has this particular park raising the bar for even the fanciest of venues.

Incredible Architecture

A gorgeous, natural backdrop free of distraction from your day is all any photographer wants for you. Most state parks offer serene scenery, dated with remnants of mills, antiquated roads, old bridges that abound. At Ridley Creek, you’ll find hand carved stone, Tudor-esque details, old wood walls… these elements scream elegance, at a price point that is usually much less than comparable venues. Parque at Ridley Creek offers an incredibly unique ceremony location, too, allowing you to see all of your guests as you read your vows a few feet above them. You really can’t go wrong with this place, although it does take a bit of creativity to make a public park look like a Hollywood mogul’s backyard– thankfully Peachtree has this down to an art.

Rich History

Most state parks are founded on land that was once at risk for development. Mom & pop farms, run by founders of local cities and communities turned over the very soil they stand on. For me and my nostalgic self, a wedding on the flagstones set by men forging their way through life over a century ago completes a circle. There’s a historical aspect that lends a sacredness to what would otherwise just be another garden wedding.

Giving Back & Protecting Our Environment

My favorite part, aside from the greenery and the hundred year old architecture you will find at many of our state parks, is that proceeds from weddings held at venues like Parque at Ridley Creek wedding go towards keeping our green space healthy, clean, and safe from developers. That beats booking a cookie cutter corporate venue any day, doesn’t it?!

Emily worked so hard to bring a vision to life. Every aspect of their wedding day was unique to them, from Alex’s green suit to their fur baby inspired cocktails. And it came together beautifully. Something about the roughness of nature mixed with hundreds of delicate, dainty dyed florals brought so much life and light to an already gorgeous green space.

I hope you enjoy this day as much as I did!


Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA outdoor venue with hand dyed floral aisle center piece
Pre-wedding Bridal Portraits at Ridley Creek State Park in Media in Lace Dress with Hand dyed bridal bouquet
First Look outdoors in green suit and lace dress holding hand dyed flowers at Parque at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA
Post Wedding Forehead Kiss at outdoor venue in green suit and lace dress
Wedding detail and accessories photos for Ridley Creek State Park wedding
Hand Dyed Florals and dress portraits at the Parque at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA
Bridal Suite getting ready, floral printed white wedding sneakers, and invitations.
Wedding invites with wedding rings on top
Bridal party pre-wedding photos holding hand-dyed floral bouquets outdoors at the Parque at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA

Hair Stylist & MUA: Blushing Bride-Blush Salon

Bridal Suite pre-wedding mirror getting ready photos
Groom Getting ready in green suit with hand dyed floral boutonniere at Parque in Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA outdoor wedding venue
Outdoor venue pictures of the Parque at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA
Outdoor venue pictures of the Parque at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA
Parque at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA decorated with beautiful hand dyed florals
Bridesmaids pre-wedding portraits displaying beautiful hand dyed floral bouquets in burnt umber dresses
Hand Dyed Floral Vase display for wedding at Parque at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA
Bridal Portrait in lace dressing displaying hand dyed flowers in bridal bouquet

Florist: We Are Wildflowers

Tearful mother observes bride and groom interaction in black and white while holding lace handkerchief
At altar picture at Parque at Ridley Creek Sate Park in Media PA wearing lace dress and green suit

Planning/Caterer: Peachtree Catering

Bride and Groom Kiss at end of the aisle after ceremony at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA
Black and white joyful parents of the bride and groom during ceremony
Post Ceremony Portraits  indoors at Ridley Creek State Park in Media, PA
Golden Hour portraits at Ridley Creek State Park in Media PA following Wedding Ceremony

Getting married at a state park? I’d love to be there! Let’s chat!

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