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Hellllooooo internet! I am so excited to share Raichel and Ryan’s engagement session at the Quoin Hotel! As a Delaware native, I have passed by the Quoin probably fifty times… and might’ve kept walking past it had things gone according to plan!

Raichel and Ryan’s engagement session was originally scheduled at Longwood Gardens. Some of you might know that I have a love hate with that place for a multitude of reasons I won’t bore you with. Just days before we were scheduled to shoot, Longwood revoked their previous photography policy and decided to no longer allow indoor photoshoots. This left us in a particular jam, considering this was back in January! Y’all… ya girl does not do winter outdoors.

Thankfully, the Delaware Historical Society didn’t leave us out in the cold! The society came to the rescue, and we got access to the Quion Hotel’s adorable speakeasy, Simmer Down for their Wilmington engagement session. And friends… it was FANTASTIC.

Simmer Down, located in the downstairs of the hotel , is a former working bank vault. The vault was turned into a cozy, intimate bar for all the vintage souls like me who want to travel back to a simpler (and dare I say… SPICIER?! ) era. The entire building that houses the Quoin was built in 1855 and served as a trust. Now, it’s a Pinterest dream chock-full of the most beautifully decorated rooms I’ve basically ever seen in this city.

Raichel and Ryan’s wedding day in November will take place just across the street from The Quoin, at the Historical Society! The rich history alone has me excited. Never mind that we’re packing up the Brey Photo Booth and heading to one of my favorites, Tonic, for an afterparty reception…! Excuse me while I swoon a bit over here.

Wilmington is the perfect backdrop to an engagement session that’s truly off the beaten path. If you’re looking for something a smidge different than your standard garden engagement sesh, you may have found an answer at the Quoin. Finding something uniquely you is a process, but the Wilmington area is not lacking in options.

Couple's engagement photography session at Simmer Down, beneath the Quoin Hotel in Wilmington, Delaware

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