the brey photo wedding day mantra: it ain’t [about] me, babe


as a bride myself, on the hunt for the perfect photographer for our wedding, i noticed one major difference about brey photo: my head is on my shoulders and not up somewhere it most definitely shouldn’t be.

from your initial inquiry on through your wedding day and beyond, the only focus I have is capturing the love around you. while i strive to capture that as creatively and as beautifully as i can, my priority throughout the whole day is you, not my “art". how can i capture you in your truest, most raw form? how can i serve you in a way that ensures you have the wedding that you have dreamed of, the wedding you deserve? i want you to soak up every moment of your day. My needs as an artist come absolutely second to your needs as a bride or groom. in fact, when you hire brey photo, i am committed to being your friend first, and your photographer second.

you hire a photographer so that you can be present in the moments that you will experience only once. in my experience, the only way to truly enjoy those moments is to know 100% that your photographer has your back and is willing to get on her hands and knees to put bandaids on your feet when they blister, fluff your dress when it has lost its poof, and remind your groom to straighten his tie before his mama comes to pin his BOUTONNIÈRE on. having vendors that you love and who love you is SO important to the success of your day. having a photographer that you can laugh with, dance with, and hang with is how the best photos are created. a photo of your new husband or wife genuinely laughing may not triple my exposure on instagram, but it sure as hell will be one of those photos you pass down to your grandchildren.

that’s my only end game.


initial inquiry & meet up

there’s a mighty good chance that you’ve never planned a wedding before and if you’ve made it to this page, you’re desperately trying to put the pieces of this entire shin dig together and probably need a cup of coffee. so let’s get one.

once your initial inquiry is received (drop me a line here) i’ll reach out to you with a hey hi and a hello to introduce myself properly. this can be via skype, the phone, or we can meet up for coffee, but whatever we do we are going to have a real, off the internet conversation so that we both know what we’re getting into. I have a complete bridal magazine that you can skim (or actually read, that’s cool too) with all the details about my packages and add ons— I’m not going to try to sell you anything you don’t need.

creating a genuine relationship with my brides and grooms is essential to my workflow because good photography extends beyond the technicality of camera settings and editing styles. if your photographer makes you feel awkward, rushed, or dead inside, not only will you miss those once in a lifetime moments, but you will be reminded of how you missed those moments every time you see your images hanging on your wall. it does not matter how beautiful those images are if you were less than happy creating them. an initial introductory meeting will make sure that we are a good fit for each other.


The pre-wedding consult

one of the biggest stressors on a wedding day is the timeline. All the bridal mags rave about having one, all the coordinators stress you out about one, and your make up artist is definitely going to ask about one. let me take that off your shoulders there, atlas.

unlike you, i have done this before. over 30 times, actually, so by now i’ve got a pretty good read on most wedding situations— from mother in law tantrums to dove releases, I’m a good person to chat with about what should go where and when, which is why i offer all of my brides and groomies a private pre-wedding consult at least 90 days bfore their wedding.

we’ll grab a drink or sit down for a hefty phone conversation and go over every detail with a fine toothed comb until we have created a timeline that gives you the best lighting and location scenario for the best portrait experience for every aspect of your day. when you hire brey photo, we will spend the needed time creating an ideal schedule together to ensure that you have all the time for snacking, singing, crying, laughing, twerking, and the occasional emergency on your wedding day. let me repeat: your wedding day.