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Hey, y'all, I’m Aubrey, a classic car loving, Janis Joplin humming twenty-something with a knack for capturing beautiful moments. I am mama to the sweetest baby boy, wife to my amazing husband, Peyton, and lead photographer at bp.

Photography and the printed image are things that I hold close to my heart, right next to leather jackets, fuzzy dogs, vinyl records, and cheetah print everything.

All of this nonsense information about me might not seem important, but your photographer should be more than just somebody who knows their way around a camera— they should be someone you jive with. Creating a raw connection with my clients is how and why I create. Capturing your joy is what brings me mine.



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The experience was more like having a best friend hang out with a camera than a stranger looking at your life through the other side of a lens. I cannot express how much we love our photos. I thought the investment thing was a little corny at first, but after seeing the finished product, I'm 100% on board. Those photos really are an investment in our family memories."

"Worth every penny."

Jackie + EriK, Newark
Milestone family

When I have nightmares, they're about Aubrey or my eyebrow woman moving or shutting down shop. Do yourself a favor. Just book her."

"Simply the best.

Rachael B., Ardmore

We are absolutely obsessed...  Honestly, we had spent over $4000 on the wedding photography....and I was not filled with as much peace and joy by a single one of those photographs from that entire day as I am with every single photograph from [Brey Photo]... We are officially hooked and we NEEEEEED to work with you again soon. Come over anytime (not for photos! Even just for pancakes. Or very strong coffee and baby play time).  We love you! 

"All the bear hugs and happy tears...

Kate + Elesvan, new Castle

She is worth the price. I promise. She put so much time and effort into prep work and getting to know me and our story. She actually cares. During the photos, I can’t imagine anyone better. She’s silly and sweet and comes ready with all the prompts to elicit all the emotion. Lastly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the photos turned out perfectly. It’s truly artwork. She captures movement and emotion in a way that is truly breathtaking and now I have this gallery full of images that are so dang moving and perfect that I cried happy tears. I'm sure we'll be calling on her services for years to come. Book her.

"Cried happy tears."

Grace, Harford county


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