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capturing magic through the journey

As a little girl, I was always fascinated with the old photos of my grandparents. Perched on top of the piano in my grandmother's living room, there was something about their young, happy eyes that I loved to look at. It felt like a piece of history married a piece of art. Though that was 60 years ago, I felt like I knew them then. 

Allowing yourself to be photographed, especially during a time where your body can feel like it's no longer yours, is raw and powerful. It takes bravery to step into the camera during such a vulnerable journey in our life. But when you decide to invest in your milestones, you are capturing a piece of yourself that can be shared with your children, and your children's children. Your photographs will be the only thing left of you that will live on, maybe forever. 

And that to me, is nothing short of magical.

motherhood golden hour

A 60 minute portrait session dedicated to capturing the magic of motherhood. Maternity, breastfeeding, or Mama & Me. May include spouses & siblings. 


earthside session

Organic newborn portraits focusing on genuine family moments and interactions. Offered in home or an on site location can be arranged.

90 minute session completed within 6 weeks after baby's arrival.

Includes infant wardrobe, style consultation, access to BP Client closet, professional on site hair and makeup. Open the door in your jammies, mama, and we'll take it from there! 


milestone collection

An exclusive collection available to a limited number families per year. Milestone Families deeply value documenting their family's journey. They are 100% down to experiment with crazy ideas I have, new posing techniques, and getting a little dirt on their pants! Not every family is a good candidate for the Milestone Collection, but if you cherish the printed image, please apply! 

The Milestone Collection includes up to 6 standard creative portrait sessions per year. Each session is stylized and surrounded around a family's specific milestone. A linen covered yearbook is included to wrap up the year! 


Please inquire to fill out an application!

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