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Woweeee this Mr & Mrs. brought the sparkle! I’m sharing a stunner of a Valentine’s Day wedding today. Having any kind of wedding celebration on a major holiday is brave. Every aspect of your wedding will be remembered for at least the next year, so pressure is high! These two made sure that their day would be remembered for all Valentine’s Days to come and gave their guests the celebration of a lifetime.

I met these cutie pies on the beach for their engagements and instantly fell in love with their relationship— they are not just husband and wife, they are best friends. I have never seen a couple laugh so hard for no reason, and I’ve never seen a man stare at his lady with a bigger smile. The way that Charles looks at Cayley is really straight out of a movie. Ladies and gentleman, take note of how these two love on each other, mmkay?

With a fellow photographer in the wedding party, 20 degree weather, whipping winds, and crazy fluorescent church lighting, this wedding was a challenge, but a fun challenge that we pulled off without so much as a hiccup. Okay, there were a few hiccups, like photographing their bridal party in what was effectively the church storage room to avoid frostbite, but Charles, Cayley, and their crew were able to get their much needed snack break so that’s a win in my book. Plus, I think you’ll see that you can definitely not tell where we took those images. Trust great lighting, okay?

I love all things velvet and lace, and Cayley combined all the things I love into one stunning look. Between Charles’s red velvet suit, velvet bowtie, and Cayley’s absolutely breathtaking veil, they looked nothing short of regal in their photographs. We were able to time their portraits with the sunset, creating an epic little scene on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Golf Course. Stunningggg.

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Brey Photo

Venue: Chesapeake Bay Golf Club (

Catering: Chesapeake Bay Golf Club

Hair: Jasmine Cleary

MUA: Brittney Pierce

Florals: Grace and Grit (

Gown: Oleg Cassini

DJ: DJ Kingsley

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