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The Boyer’s intimate Old Westminster Winery wedding was definitely a favorite. Lowkey chic, is that a term? Because it should be.

First off, I need to tell you all a secret about how I adopted a fuzzy dog because Heather and Jim have a fuzzy dog that I FELL IN LOVE WITH so much during their engagements. Knox literally is the cutest sweetest fuzziest most amazing dog ever even if he did totally muck up Jim’s car with his muddy paws. So yeah, the Boyers are why we have our puppy, Link, now. I wish that was a joke but it’s not, when their dog left with them I was so sad that I decided to get my own.

Second, can we please just talk about how lucky I am to even have been able to photograph this wedding? Carroll County is a familiar drive but it for sure isn’t local to the Philadelphia area. To be hired by a graphic designer who lives three hours away is a compliment on its own. To be hired by a graphic designer whose best friend is one of your favorite videographers is the biggest honor. Other creatives know what goes into weddings; their networks are huge, their expectations are high, their attention to detail is everything. To think little old me gets that opportunity is CRAZY.

Jim and Heather’s good vibes made this day the dream that it was. Bridezillas are no fun. Ok? There. I said it. If you’re turning into a bridezilla, turn it down. Heather was easily the chillest, most down to earth, sweetest bride I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Nothing could ruin her most perfect day— not even pouring down rain. Heather was beaming this infectious smile virtually all morning and once she laid eyes on her equally giddy groom during their first look, that was that. The day was made, no matter what happened afterwards.

“The material of the rings is unimportant, what is important is that you wear them.”

Though the killer Airbnb this crew rented the night before was beautiful and though the venue was made of a photographer’s hopes and dreams, the Boyer’s wedding will forever have a special place in my heart because of its authenticity. This wedding was not extravagant. It was not over the top, ringing in drama, or dripping with stress. And yet, it was stellar. So gorgeous. Just the right amount of class meets straight chillaxin. Every detail was thoughtfully incorporated, much of it handmade and absolutely stunning and sentimental. The ceremony, led by the Boyer’s best friend, was a tearful testament to friendship. The reception let the newlyweds just chill the heck out and EAT!— like all wedding receptions should!

What made the Boyer wedding stand out was that it was made of real. freaking. love. And pizza. And really cute mini pies. And perfectly time thunderstorms (we left the reception in a monsoon which was amazing!)

Sometimes midst all the planning, the pinning, and the hype of TLC weddings being right at our fingertips, we lose sight of what’s important— which is the person we are marrying. Our families, Our friends. Fifty years from now, you will not remember the color of the napkins or the perfectly stacked tablescape. Even the photos of those beautiful things —though I try my BEST— will not be enough to remind you of how your future husband’s hands felt in yours as you put his new ring on, or how your wife smiled through ugly tears while you were introduced as Mr & Mrs for the first time in public. It won’t matter what you ate or how tall the cake was, it will only matter that the vows you exchanged were upheld and true. THAT is what a wedding is about. That is ALL a wedding is about.

Jim and Heather, thank you for restoring my faith in weddings and for letting me capture the most bad ass reception ever. You are brilliant and I need more weddings like yours in my life.


Brey Photo

Venue: Old Westminster Winery |

Videographer: Lovely Productions |

Hair & Makeup: The Spa on West Main |

Dress: David’s Bridal

Catering: Dizzy Cow Pizzeria |

Florals: Tierra Blooms |

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