Lindsie + Isaac at Mapledale Country Club | Delaware County Wedding Photographer

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Oh Isaac and Lindsie.. where do I even start? To say I’ve never met two sweeter, kinder, more joyful souls is beyond an understatement.

Lindsie is one of the most incredible women you’re apt to meet. Isaac knows this, of course, but so does everyone who has the chance to speak to her. Lindsie’s intelligence and passion radiate off of her, but her sassiness and her spunk give her brilliant mind a run for its money. It takes a wonderfully unique type of person to compliment such a strong woman so well, and it’s so obvious once he’s hit you with his sly sense of humor that Isaac is exactly that kind of person. “Dapper” is the best word in my vocabulary that I can use to describe Isaac. He’s an old school gentleman and he’s the cool breeze to Lindsie’s fire. While all of my couples floor me with their beautiful connections, Isaac and Lindsie have actually convinced me that soul mates do exist.

The Rank wedding was no joke. These two brought their talents to the table to perfect every little detail. Everywhere you looked throughout the night there was something that Lindsie and Isaac had made, painted, decorated, or styled in such a way that it truly represented who they are as individuals and as a new family. Potato-tini bar and cardboard cut out of their pup? Check and check.

At the end of a wedding, I usually feel tired, hungry, and have sore feet (in the best way, it just means I did my job right!). I don’t usually feel sad though. At the end of the Rank wedding, I actually felt little twinge in my heart because all the planning, the chatting, and the hype was done and over with… but then I logged into Instagram and stalked Lindsie and Isaac for honeymoon updates and Lindsie’s effortlessly hilarious selfies with her new husband made me realize that this is really just the beginning for them. I cannot wait to see all the adventures these two have as husband and wife.

Isaac and Lindsie, thank you. thank you. thank you. Thank you for letting me capture your day, your happiness, and Isaac— those tears! You have made my heart so full and I feel so blessed to know the two of you. I hope Portugal has treated you well, Mr & Mrs Rank!


Brey Photo|

Venue: Mapledale Country Club |

Make Up: Sarah Elizabeth FACE |

Videographer: Bouquet of Fireworks |