Maternity and Motherhood at Styer’s Peony Festival

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Dropping this maternity portrait session at Styer’s Peony Festival on the blog because… DRUMROLL PLEASE!

The final tallies for Brey Photo’s Mother’s Day portrait events are rolling in! After two rounds of motherhood portrait sessions…I finally get to make our donation to Philly Birth Fund!

Every year, I try to give back at least in some small way to the community that has made this incredible little life possible. If you know me, you know my children are my why. My oldest is not only the reason I’m a photographer, but my continued inspiration for creating maternity photos that honor womanhood and motherhood.

Philly Birth Fund is a fabulous organization that links black mamas with resources they need for safe, comfortable home births and dignified postpartum recovery. When I stumbled upon PBF, I knew immediately that I needed to create something to honor their incredible work.

So… two events, four PACKED days of motherhood sessions later and here we are! The Styers Peony Festival absolutely did not disappoint (although I did get yelled at so many times for stepping in the rows… which I did completely by accident because I’m uncoordinated… Styers, if you’re reading this I’m really so sorry!) Was I exhausted? Yes. Am I still recovering? Yep. Was it worth it? 10000%! Now let’s get to donating!

The print shop is booming, but once all the incredible families that came out have their images in hand, I’ll do the final count and hopefully make a small dent for a Philadelphia family in need of birth services this year!

white lace maternity dress with flat brim hat in peony field at Styer's Farm at sunset

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