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Hot danggggg, thank goodness we took this Media anniversary photoshoot down to the creek because this session was fire!

When Becca approached me and asked me to take her and Gray’s anniversary photos, I literally screamed. It’s not because she’s a supermodel and Gray is literally straight out of a Gap magazine, though I won’t lie that definitely helped. I knew Becca and Gray would be down for whatever. When I can experiment and get adventurous with a couple’s session, the possibilities for photos are endless. So! I dragged them on a little bit of a hilly hike and through the woods… and it was epic.

Documenting a couple’s milestones, whether that’s with an anniversary photoshoot, an engagement session, or photos in a new home are so, so important. Too often adults assume photoshoots and portraits are only for kids! WRONG! Capturing moments at every phase of a relationship gives you something tangible to hold onto, so that you never forget how it felt to love and be loved whether it’s the first, second, or fiftieth year together.

It can be tense at first to try to be natural in front of the camera, so my goal is to be less a professional photographer more a third wheel at every couple’s session. Pretty soon after we get the smile-look-at-me pictures out of the way, the ice is broken and we can start creating something more true to you as a couple. I promise you, no matter how awkward you think you are, as long as you are truly in love with your person, you have nothing to worry about!

If you’re still not convinced that you need some steamy water portraits with you and your guy or gal, I’ll let Becca tell you about her experience:

Aubrey was FANTASTIC!! She is creative and personable, and made our experience the easiest and most fun that it could have been! Gray and I were worried that it might be awkward or that our photos might not turn out since we had never done something like this before; however, Aubrey’s funny prompts and creative vision made the entire experience so much FUN! Even Gray had a blast!! I could not have asked for a better session, and Aubrey’s photo editing is beautiful. I will be using her again for any and all of our future photo needs! Brey Photo is incredible.


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