West Chester Winter Maternity Session – Golden Hour | Delaware County Photographer

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I love working with the light I’m given. For years, I tried and failed at taking images in this cookie cutter, light and airy style. When I couldn’t nail light and airy, I tried dark and moody. When I couldn’t get that down, I tried something else. Finally, I learned I needed to just create for the hell of it.

There’s a long winded argument on just about every photography blog that discusses the “why” behind creating. Some people think that because you’re an artist, you should always be creating for yourself.  I tend to lean the other way; I think creating for the subject, or for the mother or father or family supporting the subject, is how I give my clients the experience they deserve, though I do think there has to be an overlap a bit to stay true. Either way, since I have stopped trying to create work to compete, I’ve been so much happier behind the lens.

I’m finally in a spot where I cannot put a “type” to my work. Instead of trying to fit in, sacrificing what I know I can make for the newest trend, all I try to do now is make the best piece of art for each client that puts their trust in me. All I try to do is take everything I’ve learned since the last session I shot and make something awesome. Finding new ways to capture light, especially during a motherhood portrait session, lights a fire in me a bit.

It also brings on strong baby fever, and seeing pictures of Kelsi and Dylan’s perfect Baby C who was born on Easter Sunday yesterday really has not helped with that dilemma.

Sharing this super short and sweet golden hour maternity session to celebrate the most beautiful baby girl’s arrival. Congratulations y’all!

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