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If you’re a hopeless romantic or love looking at epic floral installations, this wedding is for you. If you’re an Eagles fan, grab some tissues for the issues you’re about to have.

Kelsey + Clint floored me the second I met them for their engagements at Terrain wayyyy back when it was still warm out, if you can even remember when that was. Jeeze, is it cold enough today?! Anyway, they are an infectious couple; when you’re around them, you just feel like you’ve known them forever. Still, the pressure was on for this wedding: Kelsey’s MOH is an amazing (repeat, AMAZING) photographer herself, plus there’s a blue check mark by an instagram in the gigantic bridal party. These guys are LOVED and the expectations were HIGH (as yours should be when it comes to your wedding day!) I was totally honored, flattered, and am so happy that I was able to come through with these.

My favorite part of this wedding was the soon to be Kuhl’s private vow reading. I truly believe that the quiet parts of your wedding day are the most meaningful once the day is over. Most of Kelsey and Clint’s day was really loud— these two can party like no other people I’ve met. They are literally machines. I’ve never seen a groom dance more than Clint, I’ve never heard a woman sing louder than a just married Kelsey. BUT, like I was saying: quiet moments.  “Love is not boastful, love is not proud.”  .Say it with me: you do not need your guests to validate your relationship. Your love is enough.  Rather than share their intimate, written vows in front of their friends and family during their ceremony, they opted to share them during the first lookSharing such an intimate moment with just your partner takes so much courage, and demonstrates to each other the true reason that you are marrying. Sharing your vows before the formal ceremony can be a game changer, take the pressure off, and offer some time to enjoy each other’s company before you are off to party party party. And it leaves room for  dinosaurs, of course. Not a typo.

Come to think of it though, every second of every part of their day was my “favorite.” Usually, I love the ceremonies, the portraits, the parent dances most, then I love photographing the details. Kelsey had told me she was very excited for her florals, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the incredible installation by Be Lovely Designs, which pulled their entire ceremony and reception at Terrain together in just a sea of pretty pastels, greens, corals, and blues. Holy smokes.

After those things, I usually get a kick out of the reception, but dinner is usually never on my list of things I love photographing. I’m usually so starved from being on my feet for 12 hours at that point that I am too focused on shoveling food into my mouth before toasts to stop and LOOK at the food. Enter: Terrain’s family style menu that lets guests to share, talk, and mingle with their new family and friends that they maybe don’t know (yet). Talk about an unconventional photo op.

The Kuhls hired one of THE best DJs I have EVER danced beside, who kept the Garden Shed literally bumping all night long, before an amazing sparkler exit whisked my couple away to Duffers down the street for what I’m sure was a glorious after party (DUFFERS SHUTTLES, Y’ALL! They will pick you up!). I was pretty tempted to meet up with them (and probably run into a few in laws since that’s our local bar), but in my excitement, I forgot to get gas on my way from Kelsey and Clint’s hotel in the morning as I planned, and ultimately ended up stranded in the Terrain parking lot calling my mom for help. #photographersarepeopletoo and #sometimeswe’redumbasses But, the nice thing about Terrain, is it’s only 5 minutes away from little old me AND there’s a Target right across the street. So, all was well. 🙂

Thank you, Kuhls, for letting me crash your amazing day, for partying it up, for the love, and for slaying every single moment of your wedding day.

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