Delaware County Couples Photographer | Doug + Christina at Iron Hill Park, Newark DE | Curbstomping Cancer

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Let me chat about this saucy couple right here. I’ve never met two more dedicated, loyal, sweet-hearted badasses. They’re on fire and cool as ice at the same time, up for basically anything and totally willing to get their asses muddy sitting on stumps in a random park field with me. Doug and Christina are not only loves, they’re also incredible fighters. After Christina’s amazing battle with breast cancer, they went pink for good. And doesn’t it look AMAZING?! When Christina asked me if they could wear F cancer shirts I pretty much lost my damn mind.

Their story hits close to home after my own mama went through a breast cancer scare. Basically the scariest thing that I’ve ever gone through… and I wasn’t even the one being poked and prodded by every doctor under the sun! Thankfully, she had the Susan G Koman fund to help her with getting the necessary procedures done. Not everyone has access to this resource and most fundraising for big nonprofits surrounding the issue are scams. So many suffer from the various forms of this miserable disease and for many care comes too late, or not at all. It’s so damn important that we find a cure! Do your research on charities, push your local government, raise real awareness, and  #FuckCancer!