I'm an old soul. I like to think I'm a mix of Tom Petty meets Gilmore Girls meets warm chai in a mug watching the rain. Total dweeb, will absolutely embarrass myself to make your kids laugh. Dog loving, hardworking, stubborn AF mama with a knack for capturing beautiful moments. The way to my heart is through food and cool tattoos, bonus points if you still listen to vinyl. A Pisces, avid reader, obsessed with 80s glam bands. And an Ennegram 4, obviously. 

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was eight. My mom gave me her little point and shoot Kodak— you know, the kind from the '90s that made awful grinding noises when the lens recessed? That kind. Fast forward to 21, after years of traveling and soul searching, I founded Brey Photo when I was at a crossroads with what to do with my life. None of my "options" sounded very appealing, and nothing was making me happy.

Over the course of my life, photography was my church. It has been an almost spiritual thing for me, something that keeps me grounded and brings out the best joy. 

Brey Photo was finally born in a rundown kitchen after a few PBRs with a friend. The question of, “What do you really want to do with your life?” got asked, and I said as a joke, “I want to be a photographer and ride a motorcycle and have a bunch of knuckle tats.” I thought he'd laugh, but he said, "Shut up and go do that then." And so... I did. I wish there was a better story, but here I am; bike and knuckle tats to boot.




years of weddings, milestones + family portraits



photographs taken as a professional photographer

returning clients per year

years with my rad husband, Peyton

super cool kiddos, Anson and Baby M (Due February!)




Air guitaring through life, wearing too much cheetah print, eating all the pizza.

   Oh hey,
  I'm Aubrey.

kind words

"an investment in our family memories..."

The experience was more like having a best friend hang out with a camera than a stranger looking at your life through the other side of a lens. I cannot express how much we love our photos. I thought the investment thing was a little corny at first, but after seeing the finished product, I'm 100% on board. Those photos really are an investment in our family memories."

Jackie + erik  |

Newark, Delaware

no. 001

"simply the best."

When I have nightmares, they're about Aubrey or my eyebrow woman moving or shutting down shop. Do yourself a favor. Just book her."

Rachael  |

Philadelphia Main Line

no. 002

"all the bear hugs and happy tears..."

We are absolutely obsessed... Honestly, we had spent over $4000 on our wedding photography [from another photographer]....and I was not filled with as much peace and joy by a single one of those photographs from that entire day as I am with every single photograph from Brey Photo... We are officially hooked and we NEEEEEED to work with you again soon. Come over anytime (not for photos! Even just for pancakes. Or very strong coffee and baby play time). We love you! 

kate + elesvan |

Wilmington, Delaware

no. 003

"cried happy tears"

Aubrey is worth the price. I promise. She put so much time and effort into prep work and getting to know our story. She actually cares. I can’t imagine anyone better. She’s silly and sweet and comes ready to elicit all the emotion. The photos turned out perfectly. It’s truly artwork. She captures movement and emotion in a way that is truly breathtaking and now I have this gallery full of images that are so dang moving and perfect that I cried happy tears. I'm sure we'll be calling on her services for years to come. Book her.

Grace + Alek   |

Baltimore, Maryland

no. 004

"a true artist"

Aubrey was hands down the most amazing photographer I’ve ever worked with. My husband, who is extremely shy, was a different person with her behind that lens. She made us feel so comfortable and was a professional third wheel! I cannot wait to use her for all our future milestones as a couple and eventually, as a family. Everyone loved her, and we even got sneak peek photos the next morning Aubrey, thank you!!! You are a true artist!

ella & Matias  |

Norristown, Pennsylvania

no. 005

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